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Making a website is very easy today but how to rank website on google? 15 Free ways to improve rank on google. You will have to be professional. Any concept related to website will have to be quality optimized. But always remember, nothing is impossible. Today we will learn and rank our website on top pages of Google.

I hope You have purchased a domain and a hosting plan. Also have installed wordpress after accessing your c-panel. How to do this, Read My Previous articles: 1. Best Web Hosting Plans for your Blog 2. How to start a blog.

Now you have purchased your shop (website) and designed it. Hurray! we are doing progress. Now we need some essential plugins and a wonderful theme. Themeisle, Elegant Themes and Studio Press are popular themes provider. To Know Best Plugins Details read this article : Best WordPress Plugins 2019.

How to Rank Website on Google into three categories:

  1. Keyword Research & Analysis
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Off-page SEO

1. Keyword Research & Analysis

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Your website is ready but it will not attract users until having powerful content. Content is soul of of your website. Choose your Niche Topic carefully and research on it. You must have confidence on that Niche Topic. Now suppose our topic is Digital Marketing. Research include about any topic : How many peoples search this keyword on google? How much is volume? How much are Organic Search, Paid Search, CPC etc..? Which websites are top ranked on this particular topic? Google is here to do but this will take too much time and efforts. Don’t worry. I will tell you in simple ways that how to achieve your goal?

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Suppose topic is Digital Marketing. Go to Website This site is worldwide popular, having millions website data. A complete analysis package (Keyword Explorer, Site Explorer, Site Audit, SEO, Backlinks) is available. You will have to pay 7$ for a trial period by which you can analyse your website. Now i will show you how to do analysis through my account on Ahrefs.

Go to Keyword Explorer and type Digital Marketing in appeared search box and a window will appear like the image above mentioned. You can see that Keyword Difficulty (KD) is 77. To rank this keyword in our article, backlinks from 291 websites will be needed. Its search volume in india is 218K while global search volume is 519K. it has 96K clicks (86% Organic+14% Paid). Paid Clicks are generated by Ads. Its CPC is 1.6$ which is the average price that advertisers pay for a click on their Ads.

Fact : The minimum CPC in Alaska area of USA is greater than maximum CPC of Maharashtra in India.

Data Source by SEMRUSH.COM

This site also shows that which website is ranking on top to this particular keyword. Many related keywords with their volume and also new keywords will be seen in this analysis. It shows all those websites which are ranking on top google pages. Other websites are Semrush, Moz, Neilpatel.

On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On-page SEO is very important and totally work on your side. Your site should have the following things:

  • Https (can be easily achieved with no cost via Cloudflare plugin)
  • Website Speed (Test your website speed on Google Speed Test)- This feature of Google shows not only site speed but also find problems and their optimization tips.
  • Image Optimization by Smush plugin- It make easier for Google to find images on your site. All images on your site must have compression, relevant file name and Alt text.
  • Relevance of Content (Domain Name, Niche Subject)- Do research on this topic by using tools- Google Keyword Planner, Google Trend, Google Search Intent, Ahrefs etc…
  • Content Quality – Having high quality content trigger more search traffic and boost your article on top pages of Google. You can check your data by Google Structure Data Testing Tool. Your content should be Keyword Optimized, mobile optimized and fulfilling needs of target audience.
  • Outbound Links
  • Internal Links
  • Others you can see in the below image in which i have optimized my article by Yoast plugin on good level (Green Signal) SEO to rank on Google.
Ayeghazi- How to Rank Website
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Off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)