Search Engine Optimization Tools
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Best tools for optimization website or blog will be discussed in detail now. Before that read these Articles also:

We can divide these tools into two categories: 1. Plugins 2. Online Websites

Plugins as Search Engine Optimization Tools

  • Yoast SEO
  • WP-Optimize
  • W3-Total Cache
  • Smush

Yoast SEO

Yoast is a most popular SEO plugin along with many features. Extra features are in premium version. Most important two features are Readability Analysis and SEO analysis. Readability analysis fully analyze article content and give green signal at every level. Sentences should contain enough active voice and should be consecutive. Sentence length is also important because long sentence can low content score. Article should have proper heading distribution like <h1> <h2> <h3> because google crawl page by its algorithm. Google algorithm scan Title, Heading, Meta Description.

SEO Analysis is the key of article optimization. If SEO score of article is more better then chances of ranking your article on google top pages will be high. Top article generate more traffic resulting in popularity of your website or blog. SEO analysis has 5 basic parts. 1. Title 2. Focus Keyphrase 3. Meta Description (150 words) 4. Slug (url link of article) 5. Article length (2000 words).


A wonderful plugin easily available on wordpress. You can download by plugin section on admin panel. As its name, this plugin optimize images, database. Before optimize database, you will have to download UpdraftPlus Plugin. You can also take backup manually or set automatically on weekly or monthly basis in c-Panel. UpdraftPlus is very popular. Almost all bloggers use this plugin. This plugin also delete table cache. Image optimization is awesome features of this. It improves site speed and provide transparent CDN (content delivery network) integration.

W3-Total Cache

The most popular WordPress plugin to improve site performance via caching. It reduce downloading time of site and provide Content Delivery Network (CDN) in a more transparent way.

This plugin reduces Page Cache, Browser cache, Database cache, Object cache. Minify CSS, JS, HTML are top features of it when we test our site on Google page speed insights. Google page speed API key can be linked into this plugin panel to show speed score of every page in top bar. W3-total cache reduce the CPU usage (load) and bandwidth consumption of every page. It can run on any theme and any Hosting company.

Websites Tools as Search Engine Optimization

Semrush As SEO Tool

Semrush is a very popular website. It provide valuable seo tools to build your website popularity. I have been using semrush since last few month. It is awesome. most important part is that you can use semrush without purchasing a plan. If you are professional, can purchase premium plans.

Ahrefs As SEO Tool

Ahrefs seo tools are awesome into seo industry. Site Explorer , Keyword Explorer, Content Explorer, Site Audit, Domain Comparison etc.. all are very important to seo analysis. You will have to purchase plan to use Ahrefs. Remember Plans are costly so you can use in group. If anyone need, mail us at [email protected].

Best of Luck to your SEO Analysis.

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