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What is SEO? Every one ask when listen this word. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This word looks nice but also works better. All websites’s popularity is related to SEO. SEO is also a good career option because as big businesses and eCommerce industries are growing as well as experts in SEO demand is increasing. SEO is a also a subpart of Digital Marketing. Every digital marketer is learning SEO skills. There are many plugins and websites who provide SEO techniques in more better way.

SEO Process
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On-Page SEO

When we search anything on search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing, we get information in many forms on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). All search results appear as SERP features like Ads, Image Pack, Video, Tweets, Local Listing, Knowledge Panel etc… Have you ever thought that how these search results appear? Google use crawlers which crawl the page and make index. These indexes passes to Google algorithm where sites get their rank on top search pages of Google.

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Off page SEO

Link building has always been a off-page ranking factor for search engines. But over time, links have shared their values with social media. Still backlinks is a major factor in boost ranking on google top pages.

We will discuss today about social media sharing which  represents a good way. Social media sharing is now emerging as potential ranking factors.

Google has repeatedly mentioned that it’s not using the major social networks of Facebook and Twitter as a means to rank pages. However, conventional wisdom among many SEOs — and our own view — is that social is important as an indirect factor. As a result, paying attention to social media is important to SEO success.

Social Reputation To SEO

Search engines don’t count all links equally, as don’t view all social accounts as being the same. Sense is clear, since anyone can make a new account on a social media. So which social account is better among thousand accounts? It is a task for search engine and a unique social account can make a big difference to SEO.

Social Shares To SEO

Similarly, getting quality social shares is ideal, because more sharing popularize your network. Social sharing support your site when more people see your profile or brand.

So participation in social sharing sites is essential. All social media networks like Twitter account, a Facebook fan page or a Google+ Page you can not miss. Verily you will have to build up a network that can support your content and site.

Trust By Google

As PageRank is a important measure, TrustRank is also a important measure to Search Engines. There are four sub measure to determine trust:

  1. Authority – Domain Authority and Page Authority
  2. Bounce Rate
  3. Domain Age
  4. Identity

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